Winter Sports Festival Europe 2018

Winter Sports Festival is our partnership for the Freestyle SandSnow, where the winners of this amazing event will be present in Peru to share a nice experience on the sand with riders of the sand and snow.

Winter Sports Festival is an event that for 14 years attracts players from all over Europe. Its history began in 2004 in Zieleniec, when for the first time freeskiers from Poland and the Czech Republic gathered in one place to face the very large ski jumping hill for those days. As Andrzej Lesiewski, the originator and main organizer of the event organized for the next 12 years under the name of the Polish Freeskiing Open, recalled – “The supreme aim of the Zieleniecka event was to integrate the Polish freeskiers’ environment. The plan was made – everyone came, jumped and met, including an amazingly successful afterparty in the iconic bar “5”